Thursday, 16 May 2013

Playing Catch-up/Alde Garden

Well hello!

I have not posted on here much - almost forgot I was a blogger, Facebook seems to take over these days.

Since I last dropped by I have been lucky enough to have 2 holidays. The first, in Mexico, was fab. Lovely weather and hotel and great food. No dehli-belly which is always a plus. The second, in Sal, Cape Verde was unforgettable. My Man and I decided it was about time that we made things legal and so we are getting married in September (I blame the beautiful sunset over Santa Maria beach - made him come over all romantic). We have another holiday booked for after the wedding (or rather we booked the holiday and then booked the wedding for a few days before we go) in Agadir, Morocco.

It may seem that we are constantly in holiday but in fact we both work (and save) very hard to be able to have and enjoy these breaks.

In my previous life (before My Man) I had 20-odd years of not being able to afford a foreign holiday and having to get myself into debt just to take my kids away for a week in Hemsby! And once we are both retired (all too soon) we wont be able to have these holidays so we feel the need to get out there and enjoy ourselves while we can.

The only reason I can take the time out to post on here is that I have just had another exploratory knee op on my left knee (the one with the prosthesis) and am resting in bed. Last weekend we decided that it would be good to have a relaxing treat before I was laid up so we booked a weekend camping at Alde Garden in Sweffling (near Saxmundham) . Being early May we laboured under the false hope that it would be warm and sunny. Needless to say it was mostly cold and wet! But we didnt let that spoil things.

If you are into camping then it is a great place to go. As well as tent pitches there are Yurts, Tipis, a Gypsy Caravan, a Cottage and an olde worlde pub (no bar, just a Tap room where the beer/cider is poured straight from the keg). The couple that run it believe in a sustainable lifestyle so the guests are encouraged to recycle, use a treebog (no flush, just long drop onto straw), a Jungle Shower (too cold for us to take advantage unfortunately), borrow the pushbikes free of charge (tandem also included for those with balance), help themselves to the eggs from the freerange fowl (ducks, chickens and a goose), and herbs from the garden itself. There is a shower block with flushing toilets (for those not inclined to rough it), and a covered area with hobs, sinks, cutlery, crockery etc. Also at your disposal is a microwave, fridge/freezer and washing machine!

We will go again (preferably when it is a bit warmer). My Man is a lover of real ale and I dont object to a nice strong cider - and I certainly didnt say no to it! Apparently I gigled a lot (to the amusement of our nearest neighbours) and was incapable of taking myself to the toilet in the night - I seem to remember that I was taking the circuitous route once I had acquired the services of My Man to get out of the tent!

All in all a good time was had by all. We took the opportunity to visit Sizewell Beach, Saxmundham, Aldeburgh, Southwold and a couple of village pubs along the way. It is such a beautiful place.

Well, I have no idea when I will next post on here - but I am sure I will - eventually!


Pat said...

Well! Lots of travelling! Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! Hope you have a speedy recovery on your knee.

Happy Trails

jacky ives said...

glad you are still blogging, I have missed you on here